The Lions are 1-2 in the standings, hosting the 2-1 vikes this Sunday..

A loss will diminish any hopes of the Lions taking the division this season.

What will the coaches do to stop Adrian Peterson?

Will the defense play like a champion or chump-ion?

Lions are 3 and a half point favorites,,,,and Stafford may not play,(sigh),

Leaving it all on the fans to create enuff noise to drown out flying aircraft.

Go Lions…..the end is near.


The Lions are three point favorites in tennessee.
Johnson is looking for a big Game against the Titans….
And the secondary is shit…
Will Staffords throws be on target this week?
Will the O.C. game plan? (he said he did not against the Niners,(Lions website)
Who are these guys, (LIons)

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2 thoughts on “LIONS TALK

  1. lionsgonewild Post author

    Now we are 1-3, after the brutal play of special teams….
    That gets us to the bye, to stew over the seasons start, and to start to point fingers and play the blame game……
    But this is the Lions…
    Are we making money for old man Ford?
    And that is all that matters in Lion Land…
    A place where old coaches go to die…


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