Mock Draft Talk.

There are all kinds of picks one could make for the Lions, and most would be good..
Unfortunately the Lions do what they do, when it comes to drafting….(like did they draft a safety who would have helped Delmas shore up the Backfield? NO.
Did they draft a runningback who may have been insurance for Best, (concussions)NO. So what makes you a draft expert?
Fire away.

5 thoughts on “Mock Draft Talk.

  1. lionsgonewild Post author

    Manny Te’o
    Linebacker for Notre dame is my wish pick for the Lions in 2013.
    He stayed in school last year, and his grandmother and girlfriend both died this year….
    He played excellent against Michigan and will make a good Middle linebacker for some team…
    I can only hope it is the lions who come calling this draft..

    1. lionsgonewild Post author

      The Manti te’o incident has been a bad scheme gone wrong,,,(like the LIONS offense).
      He is dropping in the draft…
      to chicago or the ravens…..
      The Lion mocks have them drafting Milliner d.b. or Moore/Werner DE’s…
      That is all.

    2. lionsgonewild Post author

      the draft is four short days away, and mayhew has holes to plug,,,,especially on the o-line and d-lines…..losing backus,peterman cherilus,Hill,,Avril,and possibly Lo-jack …and KVB….
      they brought in a hybrid De/DT from Seattle..
      The Lions could have three 1st round picks….and still may not find the talent to compete this season…..
      Maybe this is the Last year for Mayhew and company and the circus can start all over….again.

  2. lionsgonewild Post author

    This team doesn’t deserve Manny te’o. or any other player for that matter…..
    Just let the Lions draft after the draft…….they take talent and kill it….

  3. lionsgonewild Post author

    Hold on there Bobba-louie……….I think the Lions go this way…..
    RD 1 -Bjoern Werner DE- Fla-st.
    Damontree Moore-DE-Texas A.M.
    Luke Joeckel OT – Texas A.M.

    In the second, Philip Thomas -fresno st F.S.

    In the third Montee Ball- R,B, Wis
    Leveon Bell- Mich st. R.B.
    Stephan Taylor, R.B. USC
    Johnathan Franklin-R.B. UCLA

    5th- Mark Anthony-C.B. -Cal
    Micah Hyde, C.B. -Iowa

    6th John Sullen-O.G. – Auburn

    7th- T.J. Johnson C,- S.Car.
    Good Luck Lions.


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