Coaching Blunders

Williams, the big Tackle will be out for weeks , after having surgery on his knee this week.

That leaves Hill Fairley and Suh to rotate the tackle spot.

Maybe the Lion Brainiacs should have kept Fluellen in the fold…..instead of the deadbeat corners who were later cut…..

Well ,that is our Lions, always guessing wrong, whether its taking the wind, or, trying to draw them offsides in over time…

6 thoughts on “Coaching Blunders

  1. lionsgonewild Post author

    Today the vikings come to Detroit in a must win game for the Lions…
    The Schwartz has been given everything he has asked for from Mayhew,(G.M.) from his coaches to his Q.B.
    His defense has been hand picked by him and have yet to prove they are worth the money they have been given….
    So what has happened to this playoff team?
    Why are they so inept?
    Is it the play calling from his coaches, and if so, will Schwartz fire one or both before the Fans come calling for his head….
    1-3 would be a disaster for the Lions, and a head coach who is clueless on how to turn a spiraling team around….
    Is the Schwartz done in motown?

  2. lionsgonewild Post author

    The Lions are fools.
    And some of the best fools on the planet.
    They will not fire anyone who cannot do their jobs.
    Go back in Lion history as far as you want, the Lions keep bafoons on the payroll, including the Baffons they have today…
    It Is no wonder that the NFL channel doesn’t take them seriously.
    The NFL, and other Sports writers….
    They are Inept when it comes to winning football…
    BUT they do know how to take money from fans and media stations…(that is gold).
    Since nothing new has changed since Millen left,,,,(except a 10 game winning season,once).
    The Lions are still selling the best game in town ticket, that fools like you and I buy at an alarming rate.
    An Owner, (Ford jr.) who promised early in pre-season, that he promised a Super-bowl for Detroit, has gone back into hit shell, after the 1-3 start.
    Coaches, like politicians are making more promises about a winning season, without any consequences…NO ONE IS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS,……
    And that’s it in a nutshell…..

  3. lionsgonewild Post author

    Years of the Schwartz-
    after 3+ years as head coach of the Lions,Jim Schwartz ‘s record is 20-34.
    if the lions go 500 the rest of the season, it will be 25-39..or or 7-9 .
    That means no playoffs, no winning season, squat………………….
    25-39 means a hard look at the coaches,,,,,,or a changing of the guard….imo.

    After the Millen years,
    anything looked better .
    High hopes were welcomed with open arms.
    Now the arms are crossed, and hope is on the door stoop…….
    No-one said this game was easy……
    But millions of fans paying to watch losing football should be a crime.
    (even if they watched for free.)
    LIONS-“where coaches go to die”

  4. lionsgonewild Post author

    Seems the year did not go as planned. 4-12 is not success in the NFL.
    Will Jim Schwartz go the way of previous coaches………none have gotten right.
    W.C.Ford deserves something for his money.
    But a season like this is just another failure that has followed the Ford family, since they had money………….one could think.

  5. lionsgonewild Post author

    NO, w.c.f. will not change the g.m. or coach this season……he thinks they are salvageable.
    He thinks making fans pay for losing football is good business…….
    may he rest in hell.

  6. disco

    Manti te’o was duped…………..(girlfriend)
    draft stock tumbles down to Steelers……
    Cohwer is ready to get back into coaching…..see ford.


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