Lions Praise

If you would want to heap praise on any Lion, coach,  G.M, or Owner, this is the place to do it.

 I for one cannot envision  any one on this team that needs praise right now……..

 this is how far this team has sunk.























8 thoughts on “Lions Praise

  1. lionsgonewild Post author

    It has been nearly two weeks since the last Lion game. The owner,coaches, and G.M. have been stewing since the latest defeat.1-3 they are @ Philly , in desperate need of a win.
    AS sorry as that is, the world lost Alex Karras.
    Just one of those guys that you like to be around….
    The great times must have been fun for Karras,
    A budding football career, on a Detroit team that stood for something…..Pride is what comes to mind, real PRIDE.
    caring of how one looks to others,(in their eyes).
    Here is one of the Lions of my childhood, and he got press where ever he may go…not all good….
    Good-bye Alex Karras,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..
    It wasn’t about the money..

  2. lionsgonewild Post author

    The Lions came this close to losing in Philly.
    But they won one of the ugliest games in NFL history.
    Now they have the spotlight of Monday night Football @ Chicago.
    If the Lions thought last weeks game was a must, what do they call this game?
    Everyone and their brother , think the Lions are a joke of a team..(historically),
    So the even money must be on the bears….
    Here is a chance for the Lions to make skeptics believers.
    The Defensive line must show it is for real with another strong attack of the Q.B.
    The offensive play calling must get better…
    And special teams cannot allow easy scores….
    The Tigers are showing their metal, the Lions can show theres, monday night also…

  3. lionsgonewild Post author

    Monday night football to night, (the lions were banned in 2000,or abouts),
    Tell me why,I don’t like Mondays?
    It is chit or get off the pot for the Lions and coaches as every football nut will disect the Lions and their coaches .
    Now, why the Lions as pacifists?
    ALEX KARRAS wasn’t.
    These sissy mary’s need to rise up tonight and give the bears what they dish out,
    a smack down of Mo-town…
    Score often and quickly….go LIONS

  4. lionsgonewild Post author

    The Mo-town slow-down.
    As the offense goes, so goes the Lions…..
    It just so happens, the AW-fense is awful, especially in the Red zone.
    Since his Reign as Lion King, Jim Schwartz has had one successful season ,(10-6, in 2011),
    What a difference a year makes.
    The Lion draft-niks have drafted these offensive players since the J.S. years.
    Stafford-Pettigrew-Williams ( gone),Aaron Brown-Lydon Murtha,(lost to Miami)-Dan Gronkowski-2009
    Jahvid Best,(concussions in college), Jason Foxx-Tackle- Tim Toone.-2010
    Titus Young-Mikel leshoure-Johnny Culbreath T,(now gone) 2011
    Reilly Reif- Broyles-2012.
    These are the Lions draft picks that would get the offensive engine going….
    It has not happened…….it has stalled…
    Is it the co-ordinator s fault?
    He makes the plays that are not getting into the endzone…(the game has past him bye.)
    All credit goes to the winners, but the losers keep their jobs when they are in Detroit, why?
    See previous losers-
    Matt Millen

  5. disco

    The Lions come from behind and win in the latter seconds of Sundays game….Heroic, No, but it showed how the Lions are suppose to be, Winners.
    Now they take their game to Jacksonville where the Guru’s of Vegas say they are 4 point favorites….(Be very careful Lion fans)…
    Should they win, Yes, if they play their game,,but this fourth quarter come-from-behind magic is not guaranteed.The Lions need to get out fast, especially away from the Dome, if they are to succeed in Fla.
    History has proven, more times than not, that the Lions favorites on the road ,does not make them winners. If the Lions are going to make that next step up, this is the game to show it..
    A must game was last Sunday. This is the MUST game this week…

    1. lionsgonewild Post author

      The Lions are tied with 5 other teams at 4-7.
      There are 6 teams with a worse record.
      The Lions could win Sunday against the colts,but why should they..
      If the Lions lose out, they could pick tenth in the draft.
      A corner in the first, Rambo -safety in the second, and williams a safety in the third should help the secondary.A center in the fourth or fifth rd
      is a must……

  6. lionsgonewild Post author

    The Lions lost all the remainder of the games this year to finish 4-12.
    They will draft 5th in Aprils draft.
    A costly pick in the fourth rd. will go to the vikes this season…….One early in the round….
    Mayhews mojo has turned to shit as a draft guru……
    He’s Matt Millens stepchild…………….next gig, ESPN


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