Lions 2013

Happy new year die-hards.
You have not given up on the Lions…..(your sick)
Coach Schwartz has fired three assistants to make it look like he’s cleaning house as he sucks the asses of his co-ordinators,Linehan and Gunther.
A first time coach,(schwartz) must wonder what he has to do to be successful in the NFL…
He works for a money grubbing owner whose bottom line is “how much did we make this year”?
He hires good coaches, (some), but they find that turning the Lions into winners, is tougher than a two dollar steak.
After reaching the playoffs last year, the Lions turned into the three ring circus of clowns, going 4-12…
That is sad, as the owner has kept the inept coaching staff intacked..
“It is a business”, Willie Clay Ford has said in the past, and the words ring true today.
If Goodhell was worried about protecting the Shield of the NFL, Willie has pissed and shit all over it for years, and there is nothing that he can say or do about it..
Willie, has an army of loyal fans giving away monies every season , with hope that their team can produce a winning product,and nearly every season they fail miserably..
This year was a ten, as far as stinky teams rate…..but the owner sits atop his mountain of money and laughs all the way to the bank….
Let them eat, was shouted by Marie Antoinette…..
Ford says “Let them eat Shitty football….”


4 thoughts on “Lions 2013

  1. lionsgonewild Post author

    Twiddle one and twiddle two (May/Jim),
    get to try all over again to make the Lions winners.

    Question is- are the Fans?
    This smells like eight years of Millen stinking up our stadium.
    Loyal to a fault,willie-clay-ford…..”try it again ShAMs.”


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