Happy new year die-hards.
You have not given up on the Lions…..(your sick)
Coach Schwartz has fired three assistants to make it look like he’s cleaning house as he sucks the asses of his co-ordinators,Linehan and Gunther.
A first time coach,(schwartz) must wonder what he has to do to be successful in the NFL…
He works for a money grubbing owner whose bottom line is “how much did we make this year”?
He hires good coaches, (some), but they find that turning the Lions into winners, is tougher than a two dollar steak.
After reaching the playoffs last year, the Lions turned into the three ring circus of clowns, going 4-12…
That is sad, as the owner has kept the inept coaching staff intacked..
“It is a business”, Willie Clay Ford has said in the past, and the words ring true today.
If Goodhell was worried about protecting the Shield…

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  1. lionsgonewild Post author

    the underware olympics is over…..and Manti te’o is dropping out of the first round on mocks. If the Lions are serious about getting better, they should draft Te’o in the second round, pick 35…..but what they do is a mystery to me.


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