Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Lions braintrust of Lewand,Mayhew, and Schwarts have made a mockery of the Detroit Lions.
Sure Free agents come to play here, (for the Money) and they try to follow orders of the Coaches, and lose,,,last count, last 7-8 games…
So Fact..The Lions are 24-42 with these assclowns…
They follow a plan that doesn’t work, or at least not yet.
The Fans of Detroit are Loyal to a fault.
The Lions could go 8-8 and the braintrust would consider that an upgrade ,(and keep their jobs)
The Lions have a draft guru, to take the blame if the draft turns uneventfull
On-eyed-willie (goonies) Willie clay, is a dreadful owner…..Scrooge like, when it comes to the Lions….
And a new slogan will be given soon to promote the Lions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,any day now.