The Lions braintrust of Lewand,Mayhew, and Schwarts have made a mockery of the Detroit Lions.
Sure Free agents come to play here, (for the Money) and they try to follow orders of the Coaches, and lose,,,last count, last 7-8 games…
So Fact..The Lions are 24-42 with these assclowns…
They follow a plan that doesn’t work, or at least not yet.
The Fans of Detroit are Loyal to a fault.
The Lions could go 8-8 and the braintrust would consider that an upgrade ,(and keep their jobs)
The Lions have a draft guru, to take the blame if the draft turns uneventfull
On-eyed-willie (goonies) Willie clay, is a dreadful owner…..Scrooge like, when it comes to the Lions….
And a new slogan will be given soon to promote the Lions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,any day now.


One thought on “The Lions brain…

  1. lionsgonewild Post author

    mock draft april 25th…..for what its worth…
    1. Dee Milliner-corner
    2. tank carradine DE.
    3,Stedman bailey wr. w,Virg.
    4, Stephon Taylor RB, Stanford.
    5th, Jordan Mills, OT, Louisiana st.
    6th,Devonte Holloman OLB,s.carolina.
    7th, Quinton Sharp-Punter,
    7th b,Jayson Dimanche OLB, S, Ill.


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